Stick with Your Exercise Plan

Is your New Year’s resolution to exercise more becoming a distant memory? You can recharge your exercise plan with just a few simple steps and get back on track to better health this year.

Now may be the time to put it in writing. Take a few moments to jot down your goals. Post this list where you will see it every day, like on your bathroom mirror or in your car. Get out your appointment book and take the time to schedule in exercise time. Treat this time with the same respect as you do your other commitments. Remember to write down your successes as well. It helps to see your progress down on paper.

To stick with your plan, get creative. Nothing hurts an exercise plan more than monotony and boredom. Take a new class, vary your routine, or get a friend to join you. Buy upbeat music just for your exercise sessions. Do what you enjoy. If you hate running, then don’t try to jog two miles every day. Choose those activities that are fun and interesting for you and you will be more inclined to stick with them.