My question this month is; Are You Making Your Life Meaningful?

Often we go through life on autopilot—taking the same way to work, sticking

to the same routine, and not fully noticing things around us. It is everyone’s

goal to find purpose and meaning in life. Here are some simple steps you can

take to help make your life more meaningful.

Be Grateful
Look at your life and take stock of all the good things. Try to take time each day

to be thankful for all you have, from basic food and shelter to the love of friends
and family.

We sometimes forget in our daily struggles to be grateful for our bounty in life.

Vary Your Routine
If you find yourself doing the same things everyday, try to vary your daily life.

You will open your eyes to a new perspective and will avoid the monotony of


This can be as simple as taking a new way to work, varying your lunch routine,

or reading instead of watching TV or even better take a thirty minute walk around
neighborhood or local park.  As you make these changes, really pay attention to the

world around you, and you may be surprised at how different every day can be.

Live in the Moment
It is easy to get caught up in mulling over the past or planning for the future.

This leaves little time to spend in the here and now. Try to appreciate what you

are doing each moment. Enjoy your family and friends and see the beauty of the

little things in your life. Your appreciation for life will increase as you savor each

element of your day.

Remember there are only seven days in a week and One Day isn’t one of them!

Michael D Thomas

EmpireBeat Magazine